Welcome to the Little Mill
Home of traditional wholemeal flours & delicious home baking mixes

The Little Mill is owned and managed by the Mosse Family. Stretching back seven generations, the family have been milling on the banks of the River Nore in Co. Kilkenny. When you have been handling, milling and selecting wheat for that long, you’re not only knowledgeable but passionate about it, and that passion is evident not only in their milling but when creating their baking mixes.

We produce our Stoneground Wholemeals at the Little Mill in Bennettsbridge. The mill has a long history and is the only commercial mill of its kind still in operation. The old leather belts that still drive the mill stones date back to pre-war times. Our Wholemeal products carry a unique nutty flavour profile and are genuine wholegrain wholemeal’s. This simply means that they carry the entire wheat grain crushed into a flour form.

Our mission at the Mill is to produce speciality products of unique artisan quality.

Many people will remember Mosses Brown Bread mix, created in the 1960’s. It was one of the first baking mixes available in the Irish market. Since then the company have been translating their love of flour and baking into easy and convenient mixes that suit people who are busy but still want to enjoy baking delicious treats at home.

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