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Inside The Little Mill, A Day of Filming with Kilkenny County Matters on Irish TV

Bill Mosse, Siobhan Sugrue Donhoe and Niamh Holden
Flour Power, Siobhan speaks with Bill Mosse

by Kathy Purcell,

Inside The Little Mill A Day of Filming with Kilkenny County Matters on Irish TV

It’s quite an honour to live in a county where there are so many people and places of interest. That is why we are very big fans of the programme Kilkenny County Matters on Irish TV. Each week host Siobhan Sugrue Donohoe goes on her travels to search out the hidden and not so hidden gems in our lovely county. We were delighted that they paid a visit to us here at The Little Mill. Siobhan mentioned she hadn’t made bread for quite a while, so that was something we wanted to rectify. We thought it only fitting that we would begin at the beginning, showing her how we make our traditionally stoneground wholemeal flours.

Bill Mosse a life long miller and owner of The Little Mill brought Siobhan on a tour of The Little Mill, taking her through the process of making delicious stoneground wholemeal. After sourcing the finest quality locally produced wheats, the first stage in creating flour is cleaning it. Bill showed Siobhan how we do that using traditional milling machinery that dates back to the turn of the century. After a series of processes to clean the wheat we move onto the milling section. Here the wheat is passed through a number of stonegrindng machines to mill the flour down. This milling process gives our flours their uniquely nutty flavour as the heat from the milling warms the wheat giving it this distinctive flavour.

Cleaning Turn of the century machinery cleaning 2 mill stones

Now that we had our freshly milled flour, Siobhan wanted to work with our technical manager and master baker Joe Mulhall. Coming from a long line of famous Kilkenny bakers we can’t think of anyone who would be better placed to give a bread making lesson.

Siobhan and Joe make brown bread

We had a great day with Siobhan and Niamh, I hope they got a good insight into how we create our products and the value we have on quality and provenance. Have a look to see the full piece on

( “The Little Mill “)

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