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The Little Mill Beside the Nore

The Little Mill

by Kathy Purcell,

We were delighted to come across this beautiful poem which was written in 1972 by Patrick Jackman of Baronsland, Bennettsbridge. It is about our Little Mill and we think it paints a beautiful picture and reminds us how lucky we are to work in such an enchanting environment.

The Mill Beside the Nore

Memory stray to that far off day,

On a morning long ago;

When I stood upon the old grey bridge,

And watched the river flow:

For then I was a schoolboy and asked for nothing more,

Than to watch the big wheel turning;

At the mill beside the Nore


But years have passes since boyhood,

The mill wheel, it has gone;

For time makes many changes,

and progress marches on;

The boatman on the river,

The angler on the shore;

Now listen to the turbines,

At the mill beside the Nore.

They chant their lonely lullaby,

Up from the river bed;

And night and day it seems to say;

Give us our daily bread;

For day and night, it makes sunlight,

It’s in every house and store;

That super flour, made every hour,

At the mill beside the Nore.


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