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5 Reasons to Love The Little Mill


by Kathy Purcell,

100% Irish Stoneground Flour

Consumers today demand the best. They also want to know where their food is coming from, so provenance is a key consideration when making their purchasing decisions. The Little Mill is an Irish company committed to supporting local growers and suppliers. Alongside the heritage comes expertise that we hope show in every bite.


The Healthy Option – Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away

The philosophy for The Little Mill is simple: nothing added, nothing taken away. The grain is sourced locally and our milling process which uses a series of mill stones, means that the entire wholegrain is used. So unlike refined flours it retains all of its nutritional goodness, B & E vitamins, antioxidants, fibre, protein, minerals and healthy oils. The Little Mill Flours contain no additives, no preservatives but what it does have is a unique flavour profile. A slightly nutty taste which is generated from the warming of the wheat during the stoneground milling process.

mill stone

It’s in the genes - The Mosses know a thing or two about flour!

The Mosse’s know their flour, it’s in their genes. Stretching back seven generations, the family have been milling on the banks of the river Nore in Co. Kilkenny. When you have been handling, milling and selecting wheat for that long, you are not only knowledgeable but passionate about it.

the mosses


The company is also working with growers to become more sustainable by using bio fuels such as miscanthus to dry the wheat before milling. The company is also proud to be contributing to a vibrant rural community by employing people at its mill and blending business in the heart of rural Kilkenny.

our products


At the Little Mill we love baking, but we know that many people are just starting on their baking journey or just simply don’t have the time. Our range of bakery mixes is made using store cupboard ingredients mixed for you. Try our range of Brown Bread, Scone and Brownie Mixes.

brown bread
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