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Share the Bake love - Writing Competition

intergen baking

by Kathy Purcell,

There’s a simple, but wonderful magic to baking. A magic that brings family and friends together. Fills an entire house with a welcoming aroma of warmth. Captures a cherished but fleeting moment in family life and forever preserves it in a smell, a taste, a particular baked treat. And that treat becomes a family tradition. Bread. Cake. Pastry. It doesn’t matter. What you bake with your family becomes a tangible, edible bridge between your grandmother’s kitchen and your own. Between the generations.

All can and do take part in this family tradition (though admittedly some only as happy eaters). Baking isn’t just a process. It’s not just a household act. And it’s certainly not a chore. Baking is magic. More art than science. More an act of love than a holiday necessity. Anyone who experiences the joy of baking, whether as a baker or eater or both, knows that the one essential but unspoken ingredient in it is love.

We are calling for you to share your stories with us, your memories of baking with your family, friends ….Did your grandmother share a special recipe with you? Do you remember coming in from school on a rainy day to get some fresh warm soda bread from the oven?

You can supply a short story or a poem, it just needs to be below 1,000 words.

We have three gorgeous prizes of Little Mill Hampers and the three winners will be posted on our website.

Send your entries to

Deadline for entries is 8th May 2017.

Good luck!!!

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