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Nothing Added - Nothing taken way...clean label always in fashion at The Little Mill

Brown bread making

by Kathy Purcell,

Here at the Little Mill we aren’t really big on trends, because we know that local, quality, healthy ingredients never go out of fashion. However we do keep our finger on the pulse, according to the key trends in baking for 2017 range from savoury muffins to the comeback of eclairs (did they ever go out of fashion?).

What we did find interesting was the emphasis that consumers were placing on “clean label”. But what does clean label actually mean? According to “Go Clean Label” an organisation that was founded in response to the lack of clarity surrounding the “clean label” movement. “Clean label is a consumer driven movement, demanding a return to ‘real food’ and transparency through authenticity. Food products containing natural, familiar, simple ingredients that are easy to recognize, understand, and pronounce. No artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals.”

According to research carried out in the US by Corbion Caravan “Both ingredient-focused and nutrition-focused consumers are willing to pay more for products with 12 or fewer ingredients”

For the Mosse family who have been milling for seven generations in Co. Kilkenny, ensuring quality and using natural ingredients have always been cornerstones of product development. The philosophy for The Little Mill is simple: nothing added, nothing taken away. The grain is sourced locally and the milling process uses a series of mill stones, which means that the entire wholegrain is used. So unlike refined flours it retains all of its nutritional goodness, B & E vitamins, antioxidants, fibre, protein, minerals and healthy oils.

There is not only a growing interest in baking but in locally sourced products that meet a demand for food that meets health and wellness objectives. The Little Mill Flours contain no additives, no preservatives but what it does have is a unique flavour profile. A slightly nutty taste which is generated from the warming of the wheat during the stoneground milling process.

So keep your life simple, bake with pure goodness.

If you don’t believe us, let Darina Allen and David Le Bovitz inspire you!

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