Irish Soda Bread Recipe

Apr 27, 2020

An easy to use premix for making delicious soda bread made with wholemeal flour milled the traditional way.

You will need: 1 wooden spoon or spatula, a bowl to mix in, a knife, a 2Lb home baking tin, 430 ml of full fat milk and an oven.
Turn the oven on to 200C (fan assisted electric oven) gas mark 6 or moderately hot. And lightly grease your 2Lb tin.

Pour the contents of the premix bag (450g) into your mixing bowl and add the milk. Using the wooden spoon mix gently until you form a smooth wet dough.

Spoon the dough into the greased baking tin. Lightly press the dough into the corners with your fingers. To help the dough rise, using a wet knife cut the dough lengthways down the centre of the dough about 1’’/ 3cm deep.

Place in your preheated oven straight away and bake for 35-40 minutes. When the bread is baked an inserted skewer should come out clean. Turn onto a wire cooling tray and allow to cool before serving.

Serving suggestion: This delicious bread is extra special with your favourite raspberry jam, soup or smoked salmon.

OVENS: Check your manufacturers’ guidelines as baking characteristics may vary.

450g Ingredients: Wholemeal Flour, Sugar, Raising agents (Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Phosphate, Glucono Delta Lactone), Salt. (Allergens in bold)