Plain White Flour

Technical Information

Plain White Flour


1.5kg | Code 2126

This is a stoneground white flour suitable for cakes, biscuits, soda bread, pastry and sauces. We mill our white flour in the same way as our wholemeal flours, crushing wholegrains of spelt through our mill stones for maximum flavour. The process finishes with sieving to remove the coarse bran and wheatgerm to produce a fantastic flour with a nutty, slightly sweet taste. You will notice though, that because we don’t use a heavily refined process the flour is not completely white but is slightly creamy in colour. You can however expect the same great results from your baking recipes.

Nutritional Information:


Typical ValuesPer 100gGDA
(of which sugars)1.3g90g
(of which saturates)0.3g20g


The packaging is made using food grade materials.


Store in a cool and dry place, away from strong odours and direct sunlight. A storage temperature of 2 – 20°C is recommended. 

Shelf Life: 

270 days from production date when stored under the recommended storage conditions.